Recently I a southerner took my daughter on a birthday trip to NYC. After going to a fabulous Broadway Play, a morning in central park visiting the zoo,an afternoon of what else shopping my daughter and I found ourselves in the financial district finishing a scrumptious dinner at 8:00 pm when we had to make a train at Penn Station at 9:06 back to Philadelphia.  To complicate our journey we had to stop at our hotel near Times Square to retrieve our luggage.  Once we hit the hotel they hailed a taxi which took us to a subway stop one up from Penn Station. As I struggled with my luggage to get down the stairs a stranger stopped and helped me. The lady at the subway ticket office  unlocked the  subway gate so we could make a mad dash to the next gate which was Penn Station. Right as we entered a NJ transit rep helped us get our tickets and practically lead us to the track the train was leaving on. We made it with five minutes to spare. Thank you good people we met in NYC!!!!

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